Generating Opportunity

Why building new energy infrastructure is harder than ever before and how you can overcome the odds.

The IRA and IIJA represent a huge opportunity for energy infrastructure developers, and yet it is harder than ever to get projects built – here’s your playbook to avoid delays and disruptions.

What You’ll Learn In Generating Opportunity:

  • Not even a direct act of Congress can ensure projects like Mountain Valley Pipeline can escape challenges from highly sophisticated energy infrastructure opponents; neither can traditionally friendly territory like Texas help avoid intense legal challenges like those facing Texas LNG.

  • The long sagas of projects like Vineyard Wind and the Gemini Solar Project show how even green energy projects cannot escape delays and disruptions from opponents.

  • Despite the immense opportunity presented by the passage of legislation like the Inflation Reduction Act, and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, in the country that built the Hoover Dam, the Transcontinental Railroad, and the New York City Subway in six years or less, it is harder than ever to build energy infrastructure projects.

  • To help energy developers and investors navigate these challenges, Delve published Generating Opportunity, a proven playbook based on years of working on traditional and renewable projects to help firms understand what it takes to ensure success in today’s heated operating landscape.

Who Is This Report For?

  • Energy infrastructure developers

  • Investors in energy infrastructure projects

  • Public affairs and lobbying professionals supporting energy infrastructure projects

  • Association professionals representing energy infrastructure efforts

Who Is Delve?

Delve is a competitive intelligence and risk advisory firm focused specifically on political and reputational risks facing heavily regulated and highly scrutinized industries.

Delve's energy research team works across the energy value chain with traditional and renewable energy infrastructure developers bringing new projects online, gas and electric companies delivering power to consumers in highly regulated markets, cleantech innovators commercializing new technologies, and investors funding our energy future.

In addition to receiving a copy of Generating Opportunity, you will receive Delve’s Trends in Energy, your weekly look at key trends affecting the energy industry. As the political and regulatory landscape continues to shift, reach out to learn how our insights can help you navigate these challenges.